May 23, 2014 12:02 PM started


Richard Meyer,  Ashley Shannon Burke,  Blaine Brockman,  Holly Schultz for Ted Gudorf


Ashley Burke moved to approve the Minutes from the January 17, 2014 meeting. Motion was seconded and motion carried. The January 17, 2014 Minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Jeff Dehner treasurer- Richard said a financial report will be published at annual meeting and only expenses since last meeting were the expenses associated with sponsorship and dinner at the Elder Law Institute and the sponsorship of an Ohio NAELA chapter member for the NAELA annual convention.

Committee Reports: 

Website/List-Serv-Daniel Seink: No Report.

Advocacy- Richard Meyer: We will probably do one of our substantive calls on current elder law litigation. Richard will see if Dave Banas and Richard Taps can lead that discussion.

Membership- We received mailing list from attendees of the Elder Law Institute and we will be doing a mailing with the Review Course/Unprogram information.

Education-Betty Groner: No Report.

By-Laws- Michelle Baumeister: No Report, but Richard does not think National has approved our by-laws yet.

New Business 

NAELA Annual Conference: Ashley Burke attended the 2014 National NAELA Conference. The event was excellent and Ashley got some good topics for discussion at this year’s UnProgram. Ashley will type up her notes from the conference and distribute to members.

Registration for UnProgram and Certification Review: The review course for Elder Law Certification will be August 14th at Deer Creek State Park and the UnProgram will follow August 15th and 16th also at Deer Creek State Park. The registration forms will be sent to the chapter and Elder Law Institute attendees in the next few weeks. The review seminar for certification will not be CLE approved this year.

Website Redesign: The new website is ready to launce. The target launch date was the annual meeting, but will probably launch by the end of June. The chapter approved $5,000 budget for the website and right now the chapter has spent approximately $3,200 for it.

May 30th Substantive Call: The chapter’s next substantive call is May 30th at noon and the topic is VA.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:13 PM